Centre wants peaceful life in Kashmir: Jaitley

On recurring protests in Kashmir, he said sentiments can be addressed when there is a peaceful atmosphere. "Our soldiers are fully confident that they would not allow any form of infiltration to take places in their areas from across the LoC", Jaitley told reporters. "If there is any effort of ceasefire violation, our soldiers will give adequate response to this". I would complement the Army for the level of their preparedness and enthusiasm.

Asked whether the government has made a distinction of "good and bad separatists", he said, "With an average citizen, irrespective of his political views, he will be likely to be on the Indian side in this debate". But as far as those who are killing people - we can't extend the same facility to them. "They have to be treated as a serious insurgency problem and have to be dealt accordingly".

Jaitley said, "It was known that the Hurriyat was being funded from across the border to foment unrest, destroy property and kill people of the Kashmir Valley".

"There is a section which will have to be dealt with by security measures and there is a section which will have to be dealt by with citizen-friendly measures", he said.

"Those who have taken to violence of this magnitude will certainly be (held) accountable for their actions", Jaitley said. "Every state of the country and those sentiments will have to be addressed". Our Armed Forces will not allow this sacrifice to go waste.

He said taking to violence only unleashed a "cycle of violence" and that the aspirations of the people can be addressed only when there is peace. "You can't have the energies of the state involved in just in combating violence at various places", he said.

"Jammu and Kashmir Assembly has the complete right to implement GST in the state", Jaitley said in a press conference at SKICC in Srinagar. "So their actions were a conspiracy against not only Indian state but also the average resident of Kashmir valley", he said. "The concerned agencies will take action whatever is required".

When he was reminded that during the NDA government headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee Government of India (GoI) hold talks with the separatists, Mr Jaitley, who was also a cabinet minister then, said let the situation become normal that is the top priority at the moment adding any decision on this will be announced by the central government.

The minister's comments came as the National Investigation Agency filed a case against separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and other Hurriyat leaders for allegedly receiving money from the Lashkar-e-Taiba to fund "subversive" activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Leroy Wright