Amazon's Latest Alexa-Enabled Device Has a Screen

As you'd expect, every Alexa "skill" that's supported on other Echo devices is also available for the Echo Show. So with this feature, you could use your Echo to call someone's Android phone, send a message from your iPhone to someone's Echo Dot, and so on. Amazon isn't listing the Echo Tap, probably because of the outdoor nature of the device. If you buy one Echo Show, it will cost $229.99 on Amazon, and you'll get $100 off if you buy two.

With the Show the retailer has also announced a new service that lets everyone with any Echo device or the Alexa smartphone app enjoy free voice calls with other people who have any of those products.

The "things" it can show you are photos, YouTube videos, weather forecasts, music lyrics, to-do lists, and security cameras (for the truly affluent), and chat with other Echo users. You can head over to Amazon's product listing to learn more about the device and reserve one for yourself. With the new Amazon Echo also sporting a camera, there is the possibility that it will also be able to assist users with their fashion choices.

Echo Show is shipping on June 28. In comparison, the base model of the Amazon Echo, which was released in late 2014, is now selling for $149, with newer models Echo Tap and Echo Dot carrying lower price tags.

While the Echo Look can only be purchased with an invitation, Amazon will likely launch a massive marketing push for the Amazon Echo with a touchscreen.

Global electronics giant Amazon has unveiled its latest smart speaker with a touchscreen.

It is unclear if the leaked image prompted Amazon to announce the smart speaker sooner than planned.

  • Zachary Reyes