What Bill Gates Would Have Done Differently

Bill Gates may be a college dropout himself, but he's still hit up for advice quite a bit from college graduates.

"But while you're challenging yourself to embrace the discomfort of new environments and situations", Gates says, "also keep in mind to treasure the things that make you uniquely you".

Addressing his wife Melinda Gates and fellow multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, he said if he were to present them with a graduation present he would give them a copy of Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of our Nature, a book he described in the tweet as "the most inspiring book I've ever read". "But I'm also concerned about the things innovation can't always change, like how we look at justice and violence". It is not one-dimensional.

"The world doesn't need more people who think and act the same - so resist the temptation to conform to what's around you".

But the sage wisdom didn't end there, it extended to his current obsession: giving back to the world. The icon called these courses as "promising fields" where students can make a huge impact.

I have one big regret: When I left school, I knew little about the world's worst inequities. "Took me decades to learn", Gates tweeted. He reminded bright young minds that they know what he did when he was their age. "You can start fighting inequity, whether down the street or around the world, sooner", he tweeted.

The tech titan and richest man in the world, who dropped out of Harvard in 1975, took to Twitter on Monday to share his top tips for new graduates, lessons he wished he had learned before leaving college, and some of his biggest regrets.

All throughout history, from Confucius to Oprah, influential people have written hundreds of millions of pages on how to succeed, be happy, and make the most of life.


But don't let that send shivers down your spine, it can also mean the opportunity for you to pave your own way. This if the core of my worldview.

In closing, Mr Gates said he hopes his life lessons would get you through tough times, and teach you to love your work, as it does for him. I think it can do the same for you.

Gates ended his string of thoughts on a resoundingly hopeful note: "This is an wonderful time to be alive".

  • Zachary Reyes