Uber adds real-time public transportation data to its app

The idea here is that if you're in the city and taking an Uber vehicle somewhere, you're probably only going to use it for part of your overall trip, which may include something like using an Uber to get from your home to the train station, then taking the train for the longest portion of the trip.

While this may seem like a counterintuitive move for Uber, given that it seems to be encouraging riders to use alternative transport, Uber is actually acknowledging the ways people already use its service. Uber is fixing that with its new update by partnering with the Transit app, a Montreal-based firm that operates in 125 cities worldwide.

Uber understands that multimodal transportation is something that we all do, and thanks to a partnership with Transmit, Uber is making it easier for users to keep up with the various departure and arrival times of the different transportation services out there. Many of us take a cab to the railway station, but keeping tabs on forthcoming departure times for the train while riding in a cab just makes you toggle between the apps. No word yet on whether they will be expanding this to other countries and other platforms as well. The feature is available as of now, while the data from it is presented in the user's Uber feed.

This also helps demonstrate Uber's mission to make its app more useful once a rider is already in the auto. It sounds like the feature will come to iOS eventually, though Uber doesn't say for certain.

The move comes as Uber continues to bill itself as a complement to cities' transportation networks, not a competitor with public transit.

Better linked cities, where individuals can simply access all localities including areas unprivileged by transit.

Sadly, the integration is only available in the United States right now, and only for about 50 cities (Boston, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco are some of the larger examples).

  • Leroy Wright