Swachh rail survey: Ranks of Chennai Central, Egmore stations down

Nevertheless, the ranking of the 16 zones of the Indian Railways across the country has hailed the East Coast Railway (ECoR) based at Bhubaneswar for its performance in maintaining cleanliness on the railway station and platforms falling under its jurisdiction.

Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Beas in Punjab have been declared the cleanest railway stations in A-1 and A categories respectively. The Ahmedabad was in the Western Railway division, which ranked fifth among all divisions in the country.Railway officials said that on-board cleaning in several trains originating from Ahmedabad was the main feature for passengers expressing their satisfaction.

A third party audit report on stations' cleanliness, covering 75 A1 category and 332 A category stations, shows Bihar in a poor light.

According to ministry sources, 407 railway stations belonging to A1 and A categories were assigned ranks on the basis of specific parameters. This survey was commissioned by the director of environment and housekeeping management of the Railway Board. Suresh Prabhu talking about the stations said that, "We want all stations to be clean".

Among the other busy stations that were surveyed include Varanasi, which was ranked 14th; Nizamuddin railway station at 23rd; Old Delhi railway station at 24th; and New Delhi at 39th. Jammu's station stood 3rd while National capital was at the 39th position in the list.

The criteria involved in judging the cleanliness were clean tracks, dustbins and clean toilets to name a few.

A1 stations are those where the annual passenger earning is more than Rs 50 crore. All suburban stations are in C category, while all halts are in F category. Patna is placed 28 among the A1 stations with an overall ranking of 91 with a score of 791.

The rankings, which were tweeted by the ministry late on Wednesday afternoon, are part of a survey carried out by the Quality Council of India - a body formed under the ministry of industries.

  • Joanne Flowers