Spoiler Alert: Major character dies in The Flash, fans heartbroken

It seems borderline ridiculous to pen a eulogy for Iris West (Candice Patton) because even though it actually happened - Savitar (Grant Gustin) ran a godsuit spike through her, just as the season kept driving home - I just don't expect The Flash to let it stick, or for there not to be some sort of "Aha!" twist to reveal that what we saw in "Infantino Street", and over the course of the season, wasn't what we thought we saw. It was too successful. Welcome back, Captain Cold! HR and Tracy (Tom Cavanagh, Anne Dudek) started falling in love.

The Flash 3.22 "Infantino Street" review: It opens with "24 hours until Iris West dies". Super sad music plays while everyone is solemn. I'm thinking probably not? Even though the get caught, the fact that Barry didn't leave Snart to die gives Lyla faith to loan Barry the power source. Later, Cisco calls with some news.

"Is it spying if we're friends?" I hope they find a way to make this work in the future (not that I'm going to complain regardless of where Mr. Miller turns up in the DC TV Multiverse). She doesn't trust him (she's not wrong).

Snart: "True love. That's your pitch?" Right out of the Prison Break rule book. We end up with some touching moments between Joe and Iris and we get the feeling that Iris has come to terms with the idea she is likely to die. Martin is soooo good at evoking emotion from his audience. A couple of major players are taken off the board, with Wally injured during Iris' rescue attempt, and Cisco off for a showdown with Killer Frost. They get to the door. There was a second where Barry could have left Snart to be King Shark's dinner, but he didn't. He hesitates then, because... Even so, it does feature Captain Cold going up against King Shark.

No way. Barry is a hero, and saves him. I'm sorry, this episode wrecked me. I'm crying again. Damn it Flash! If Savitar did kill real Iris, where was the gun in the whole ordeal? He is devastated. Cisco tries to cheer him up. He had to determine some other ways in order to play a part. "Go save Caitlin. I'll save Iris".

"Infantino Street" is, as previously noted in these reviews, an homage to Carmine Infantino, the DC Comics artist for numerous Flash's greatest Silver Age adventures. We hear the newscast.

Another possibility is that Barry won't end up creating Savitar. Joe is on the roof.

I'd like to think the writers of Flash are constantly on the search for how they can insert a now dead character back into current timeline Flash episodes. Apparently, it wasn't enough that Barry wanted to save his fiancee - he also needed to save a supervillain. Before the show just stomped on everyone's hearts with that ending, there was some fun to be had in this episode.

Quiz: Which Harrison Wells Are You? . This is the only way the speedster knows to erase the villain's existence and subsequently save Iris.

There's just so little to say about where we've ended up. Cisco is so Barry's not so much sidekick but partner in heroing and is just his crutch.

- I'm sorry and don't kill me, but Barry leaving Snart to his fate affected me more than Iris.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

Rewinding a bit to episode 21 where Barry asked his future self how he became "Savitar", the speed demon mentioned he was broken and left alone.

  • Zachary Reyes