NBA Mock Draft: Fultz to Celtics, Ball to Lakers after lottery

I think we can all agree.

Keeping the second pick in the draft, however, changes everything. Perhaps no team had more at stake on lottery night than the Los Angeles Lakers, who are desperately searching for a superstar to turn their team around, but owed their pick to Philadelphia if it fell outside the top 3. "The window is now". On April 5, with the No. 1 seed in the East up in the air, Cleveland won by 23. You have to build on this momentum. Boston had dangled its No. 1 pick in front of both the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls in hopes of landing either Paul George or Jimmy Butler at the trade deadline.

"Look at LeBron. That's the guy you're trying to get through". "Isaiah wants to get paid; he wants the Russell Westbrook type of extension where he gets his money now".

The Celtics are back fighting for championships, a place they seemingly belong.

This is Ainge's second major rebuild with the Celtics, and as we've witnessed they don't happen overnight. Boston will select first for the first time since the lottery began in 1985. The Celtics defeated the Wizards in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals Monday and will now add the No. 1 pick - Washington guard Markelle Fultz, perhaps - to an already talented roster.

However, prior to that series even getting underway, the Boston Celtics were the beneficiaries of an enormous success in last night's NBA Draft Lottery. Some of the greatest players in the game's history weren't even top-10 picks (see Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Steve Nash, Reggie Miller, Dennis Rodman and on and on). But there is a small, small chance Miami could end up with a top-three pick. They rebounded relatively quickly, however, and then bolstered their squad with the No. 3 overall pick a year ago thanks to Brooklyn.

"I don't think I would max him out because you can wait for restricted free agency", said an National Basketball Association source.

I'm aware of the general sentiment surrounding Smith as a player. They could then continue to pile on the assets that have put the franchise in a successful position once again, but that would likely mean dealing Al Horford as well. He could have had Andrew Wiggins, he said 'give me Kevin Love.' Kyle Korver, J.R. Smith, Channing Frye, Deron Williams. "Whatever a team needs me to do to win, I think I'm capable of doing it".

"I got my hand on the ball - game over", Pierce said that night. It's hard to be the best player on the floor on a nightly basis, yet not have the weapons needed to compete at the highest of levels. But it's still a problem, and they've got five weeks to find a solution.

  • Zachary Reyes