Melissa McCarthy Perfectly Trolls Sean Spicer For Hiding In Bushes

This time, McCarthy, who was hiding among the bushes as Spicer, interrupted Aidy Bryant's stint as Sarah Huckabee Sanders ― Trump's political aide who took on the press this week after President Donald Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey. The sketch opened with Sarah Huckabee Sanders taking the podium, who was filling in for Spicer because he was fulfilling his Naval Reserve duty.

We have to say, we hope IRL Spicer's job really is safe-anything else would mean less McCarthy on our televisions, and that would be a travesty. With Melissa McCarthy serving as host, her Sean "Spicey" Spicer impression put in a show stopping performance.

Saturday Night Live regulars Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy have shared the screen for the first time, in a skit which is sure to tempt US President Donald Trump's itchy twitter finger. Because he told us so, period!

On "Saturday Night Live", however, the press corps pointed out Spicer could be seen just outside the briefing room, hiding in some bushes while he peered in. When a few reporters asked Sanders if she would just take over for Spicer, given her much more pleasant demeanor, Spicer stormed back into the press room to reclaim the podium.

President Trump then steps forward, urging Spicer to lean in for a kiss.

McCarthy finds Trump at his New Jersey golf club, where the two literally kiss and make up.

The journalists continue to ask why, in their view, he continues to humiliate himself every day defending the president and suggest the president might be lying to him. Spicer asks before Trump embraces him.

The buildup grew when cellphone video and photos emerged Friday showing McCarthy dressed as her breakout character this season, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, rolling around a busy Manhattan street on a mobile podium. He initially refuses because he's married, but when Trump reassures him that it's fine because he's famous, they lock lips. Sarah Huckabee Sanders "doesn't have your special spice: Salt and pepper, a little bit of sugar".

Next week is the show's season finale, with Baldwin already locked down to play Trump.

"Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?"

Given the Comey fiasco this week, truth has become stranger than fiction at this White House and even deranged scenes like what McCarthy and Baldwin portray may not be stranger than truth after all.

  • Leroy Wright