Male rompers hit the fashion scene in time for summer

Many people thought by 2017 we'd have flying cars or time travel.

Is a male romper (the RompHim) practical honestly? The piece looks like a dress, but the bottom forms into shorts. Men's full-length jumpsuits have been popular for years, and fans of the retro look need only rent the Bond film "Goldfinger" to get a load of Sean Connery in a baby-blue romper. You also can't deny that he was a tough, dignified, iconic leader, who would probably be very proud to see that his rompers are finally being embraced by men once again. Magazine interviewed the people behind the RompHim, and it turns out that they're all Northwestern University business school students. Why the f*ck would they want to wear a romper? It's a one-piece garment specifically designed for guys that features an adjustable waist and zipper fly and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Designers said the RompHim is flawless for summer to keep cool as well as comfortable and stylish.

The RompHim took the internet by storm early on this week, when the world was introduced to dudes galavanting around in colorful adult onesies. A single romper will cost you around $90.

  • Joanne Flowers