Macron puts finishing touch to new-look French Cabinet

Alexis Kohler, Macron's new general secretary at the presidential Elysee Palace, made the announcement Wednesday.

Philippe and Macron chose experienced politicians from the left, the center and the right for the main positions.

Despite her crushing defeat to Macron, Le Pen is counting on her record high voter count - more than 10.6 million - to propel her party into parliament, as well as bidding to take in "electoral orphans" unsatisfied by Macron and feeling betrayed by the mainstream right, Bay said.

Philippe's age reinforced the generational shift in France's corridors of power and the image of youthful vigor that Macron is cultivating.

The 39-year-old president had also vowed to bring in political newcomers.

"I have never. advocated what people call eurobonds", the former investment banker and finance minister said.

France's far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, hoping to turn his strong showing in the presidential campaign into seats in parliament, has reacted with hostility to Edouard Philippe's appointment as prime minister.

Previous year he was part of Mr Juppe's unsuccessful campaign team in The Republicans' primaries, and then joined the presidential campaign of Francois Fillon, the party's nominee.

Mr Philippe is a close ally of former prime minister and one time candidate for president, Alain Juppe.

Like Macron, Philippe is a product of France's elite ENA college for senior public servants and worked for a while in the private sector.

Macron, a former economy minister in outgoing President Francois Hollande's Socialist government before he split off to form his independent Republic on the Move (REM) party, has pledged to draw figures from across the political spectrum.

France's new President Emmanuel Macron named Edouard Philippe, a little-known centre-right mayor, as prime minister on Monday, in his first major decision since taking power on a promise to lead a French "renaissance".

In his first speech in the ministry's courtyard Wednesday, Collomb said Europe and France especially "are being targeted by terrorists", noting that the terrorist threat comes from overseas, but is also "rooted in our territory".

Guterres said: "I look forward to working together on these pressing issues". Germany and France are the traditional motor of European integration.

"We each represent the interests of our own countries, but the interests of Germany are naturally closely tied to the interests of France", Mrs Merkel said.

On Monday, Macron met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The government appointments are part of a delicate balancing act Macron has to perform ahead of the mid-June legislative elections.

To stress Mr Macron's priority of reviving the EU, the portfolio has been renamed Minister of European and Foreign Affairs.

  • Leroy Wright