Jordanian Spies: Israel Unlikely as Source of Secret Trump Information

The source of highly classified intelligence that President Trump discussed with Russia's foreign minister and ambassador is considered to be the best source for information regarding external plots by ISIS, according to a new report.

"The security relationship between Israel & our greatest ally the United States, is deep, significant & unprecedented in volume", Lieberman wrote on his Twitter account. He tweeted: "That is how it has been and that is how it will continue to be".

Critics worry that Trump's discussion of the classified information with Russian officials could jeopardize valuable intelligence relationships between the USA and foreign countries.

Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported that President Trump called Jordan's King Abdullah II on Tuesday, and spoke shortly thereafter with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Lieberman's comments appear aimed at calming concerns over the fraying of close ties.

Washington had not been authorized to pass on the information, and ABC reported that as a result of the disclosure the life of the Israeli asset had been put at risk.

Israel and the US have a long history of intelligence sharing, which has become increasingly important in the face of the threats posed by Iran and ISIS.

It said that Trump told Lavrov about a specific IS bomb threat.

The paper said the fears were compounded by Russia's links with Israel's arch-foe Iran.

Trump insisted Tuesday he had the right to share "facts" with Russian Federation, and wrote on Twitter that he was motivated by "humanitarian reasons", while the President's national security adviser denied the disclosure had caused a "lapse in national security", insisting that what was revealed in the talks was "wholly appropriate".

"The Israelis who attended the meeting said that the Americans advised them not to expose any sensitive sources to members of the Trump administration, lest that information reach Iranian hands, until it becomes clear that Trump does not have a compromised relationship with Russian Federation", the paper reported at the time.

Trump is expected to arrive in Israel on May 22 for his first official visit to the country.

  • Leroy Wright