General Election polls: Conservatives heading for landslide victory

Scotland's political leaders are expected to step up their general election campaigns later, with exactly a month to go until polling day.

Earlier on Saturday Ms Sturgeon described suggestions as "ludicrous" any claims the surge in Tory support in Scotland could derail her bid to hold a second independence referendum. The campaign is barely a week old and if the SNP message is already looking shop-soiled that's because it is.

The Tories could win as many as 15 seats in Scotland at next month's general election, according to the party's own analysis of its recent performance at the polls. The difficulty is that if...

Afterwards, the ex-SNP leader said: "I've never taken any election battle for granted, I've represented the north-east of Scotland for 30 years and every election the Tories tell me they are going to beat me and every time they fall short".

Despite having the largest number of councillors, this doesn't guarantee the Tory party a controlling interest - unless Labour and the SNP can not reach an agreement on a coalition deal. When people are angry and feel they did not get the Brexit they voted for, they will come back to us. They go into it with 54 - and most of them with large majorities.

"Over the coming weeks SNP candidates will work hard to win the trust of voters and show that we are the only party standing up for Scotland".

Conservatives have been buoyed by Thursday's council election gains, setting their sights on ousting SNP heavyweights such as Alex Salmond, Angus Roberston and Pete Wishart.

"SNP councillors and SNP councils will put their communities and the people of Scotland first".

Nationally, May's party gained more than 550 council seats and swept to shock victories in mayoralty contests in the West Midlands and Tees Valley.

"Make no mistake - we are the underdogs going into this campaign".

But, in contrast to 2015, it is no longer Labour who the SNP have most reason to worry about.

The results saw Labour lose control of a series of English councils, including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Northumberland, as well as losing its grip on Glasgow.

"I think this (General Election) has the possibility to reshape not just the electoral map of Scotland, but the politics of Scotland and the framework of the question of constitution in's that important". We aren't going to roll over and let the SNP tear it up.

Susan Aitken reveals that she and her deputy, David McDonald, were in informal contact with COSLA ahead of the elections, and that further talks are now scheduled to put the reconciliation on a formal footing. To show they can't take Scotland for granted.

It says Ruth Davidson's party is now ahead in 15 constituencies in Scotland and may defeat the SNP in parts of the country it previously regarded as unwinnable.

The First Minister will point to Mrs May's refusal to entertain allowing Scotland to remain in the European single market - which has led Ms Sturgeon to call a second independence referendum - as evidence that the Tories are "starting to believe they can do anything to Scotland and get away with it". The only way to stop the nationalists is to vote Labour.

  • Leroy Wright