Game of Thrones spinoffs: George RR Martin shares new details

That Duggar-esque level of reproduction seemed impossible, then George R.R. Martin (on whose book series the show is based) announced that there will actually be five.

The network previously announced that it was developing four pilot scripts for potential spinoffs with "Kong: Skull Island" writer Max Borenstein, "Kingsman: The Secret Service" writer Jane Goldman, "LA Confidential" writer Brian Helgeland, and "Mad Men" staff writer Carly Wray. Seasons 7 and 8 of the hit fantasy show will air with shortened seasons in order to maintain the integrity of the story.

"There is also "five successor shows, Fire and Blood (that's the GRRMarillion, remember?), four new Wild Cards books, [and] some things I can't tell you about yet", he wrote, adding, "It's a good thing I love my work". So, a spinoff in this time period will not have any surprises left. No, I will not reveal the name here.

The clarification is bound to cause much rending of RenFest costumes among Martin's fanbase - both of the HBO series and his books. HBO announced the names of the first four, and will no doubt announce the fifth as well, once his deal has closed. Martin even states that "some may not even be set on Westeros". Recently, Martin made it clear that the upcoming spinoffs will be prequels, reports The Guardian. He clarifies that the "Dunk and Egg" series, which many thought would be one of the five, is not included, despite the fact that Martin already has ready material for that, although he is not writing off the possibility that scripts may be produced later on, but only after he has finished writing the series itself.

Many fans anticipated that one of the prequel stories would be about Robert Baratheon's rebellion to become king of Westeros, but Martin says that is not the case. Decades of experience in television and film have taught me that nothing is ever really certain... but I do think it's very unlikely that we'll be getting four (or five) series. He also reiterated that he is still working on the next Game of Thrones book, The Winds of Winter. At least not immediately.

When it comes to spinoff shows, "Game of Thrones" doesn't want to be spokes on a wheel. "How many pilots will be filmed, and how many series might come out of that, remains to be seen".

What do you think about the potential spin-offs for HBO's Game of Thrones?

The seventh season of Game of Thrones series will première on July 16 on Star World.

  • Salvatore Jensen