Everything you need to know about 'Star Wars' Day

May the Fourth came about organically among fans and was subsequently embraced by Disney.

Apart from ticket sales, the company enjoys revenues through sales of merchandise, licensing and home entertainment products, as it taps into all avenues of monetization. Breaking news, severe weather, daily forecasts, entertainment news, all of the day's important events to keep you up to date wherever you are. May the force be with you! The first female British prime minister was elected on May 4, 1979. His scores for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens each were nominated for Oscars for Best Original Score. May the 4th be with you and all that jazz! StarWars.com, as well as the official Star Wars social media channels (hashtag #StarWarsDay), help spread the word and showcase fan activity.

According to Google Canada analytics, Dartmouth- or "Darthmouth", if you will-is the fourth-ranked city in Canada when it comes to Star Wars-related searches. In addition to housing 2008's Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, Netflix is the home to five seasons of the series (that's 108 episodes for those curious enough to ask) as well as the series' 13-episode "The Lost Missions" episode collection. From incredible back drops to special work days, the Star Wars fans of the world did not disappoint. Moreover, George Lucas was born also on May, 14, this year the father of Star Wars Universe will celebrate his 73rd birthday. Today, more so than any other day, is the day where we can celebrate our favorite droids, fuzzy aliens, and stormtroopers that need a little target practice.

As in the books, in Star Wars Rebels a central piece of Grand Admiral Thrawn's character is his careful study of his enemies - often accomplished by reviewing the art of their culture. Some people also consider May fifth a holiday called "Revenge of the fifth" another nod to a Star Wars movie.

Volunteer to organize a May the Fourth event at your local public library.

  • Leroy Wright