Cuban: Mavs tanked after playoff elimination

This confirms that Mavs owner mark Cuban and the rest of the organization have fully committed to producing a young team for Dallas to develop.

But rarely does a player or anyone associated with a particular team admit it. They will pick sixth overall in next month's draft.

The concept of tanking is often discussed among fans in the National Basketball Association, but it is rare to hear a team admit it.

He admitted on "The Dan Patrick Show" Wednesday that the Dallas Mavericks intentionally lost games late in the season after they were eliminated from National Basketball Association playoff contention.

Dallas, according to Cuban, chose to allow young players more of an opportunity to play major minutes as their strategy to lose games.

In Cuban's defense, that particular game and others down the stretch did include the Salah Mejri's and Dorian-Finney Smith's getting most of the minutes. "I do think it's frustrating", Silver said on Mike & Mike the Morning in April.

Patrick had an interesting idea of rewarding teams that win games after they're eliminated from the postseason, because they're at least trying to put a good product on the floor.

Cuban noted: "Once a guy walks on the court, they're going to play their heart out, particularly the young guys, because they have something to prove".

Dallas was officially eliminated April 1 meaning they won only two of their last seven National Basketball Association contests. I'm not saying we are gonna do it in the National Basketball Association, but they have the best incentives of all because teams actually get relegated from the league.

Cuban quipped of tanking on The Dan Patrick Show, "until you come up with a better solution, that's what we've got".

The Mavericks finished the 2016-17 season 33-49. The Romo game was the final home contest of the year for Dallas.

  • Julie Sanders