Clark to continue governing B.C.

The premier's office said Lt. -Gov.

The Liberals needed 44 seats for a majority, but they only got 43, surrendering 41 to the NDP and three to the Green Party. Most of the thermal coal exports come from U.S. mines.

The NDP won one riding by only nine votes, making a recount a certainty that will determine the difference between a minority and an ultra-thin majority if it were to flip to the Liberals.

Horgan said he also looks forward to a final result by May 22, with thousands of votes still to be counted.

At the end of a 28-day campaign where John Horgan campaigned for change, the leader of British Columbia's New Democrats was ready to claim victory on Tuesday night despite finishing slightly behind the Liberals. "And they voted for an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top", he said. Asked several times if she accepts personal responsibility, Clark avoided a direct answer.

But it didn't hold, and before long the parties found themselves locked in a dead heat with 42 seats, a result that held for much of the evening, keeping British Columbians around the province on the edge of their seats.

Peter Fassbender, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and the Minister Responsible for TransLink, has lost his seat, as has Suzanne Anton, the Minister of Justice. If the students had their say, the NDP would have formed government with 60 seats, the Green Party would have been the official opposition with 14 seats and the Liberals would have won just 12 seats. Before the results were announced, Olsen joked with Mike Schrenier, Green Party of Ontario leader, that the only pipelines they would build would transport beer between the two provinces.

"Christy Clark as the sitting premier will have the first crack at forming a government".

There were plenty of smiles and laughter early on at Liberal headquarters as the party took an early lead, but the mood became tenser as the evening progressed and the NDP began to catch up.

"There's still 176,000 seconds on the clock and I'm going to wait to see what the final outcome is", he said, referring to the number of absentee ballots still to be counted.

She says she has worked with Green Party leader Andrew Weaver in the past and called him a "smart, thoughtful and reasonable guy".

"I would expect as soon as government sits in the legislature there will be legislation to ban big money in politics", said Weaver. Political donations from corporations and unions were election issues for both the Liberals and NDP.

Roberts said he hadn't thought of his future plans, adding it was a great campaign and he's very proud of his volunteers and supporters.

"If you're putting people first, that doesn't matter", he said.

It also depends what "deals" the Liberals and the NDP offer the Greens.

New Democrat Leader John Horgan voted at an advance poll. He said voters want changes to political fundraising laws and electoral reform - two of the Green party's priorities. If the governing party isn't able gain support for confidence bills (Throne Speech, budget, etc.), the government would lose the confidence.

"Christy Clark wants to remain in power, very plainly, and I'd imagine she'd sell quite a bit of the farm to remain in power - and Weaver is looking to buy", Moscrop said.

  • Leroy Wright