Cheryl Burke Blasts Abby Lee Miller: She 'Traumatized' The 'Dance Moms' Girls

The former Dance Moms star is now waiting to begin her 366-day jail sentence for bankruptcy fraud, but she isn't letting that hold her back from making her usual public appearances. However, according to Miller, a group of her former dance students' mothers showed up during her hearing.

Lifetime's popular reality television show, "Dance Moms" went through a lot of changes recently. Plus, Cheryl also revealed that while she won't be as harsh on the girls as Abby was, there is still plenty of drama to be had between her and the moms on the show!

This week she talked again about her bad experience on Dance Moms, stating that: "They never trusted me, and if they did that, the show would have been so much better". Find out If the "Dance Moms" Star Is Still a Millionaire!

"It's going great. The girls are so precious. and it's important for me to still be strict and do what I do and I expect nothing but the best from the girls but it's also important for me to make them feel confident about themselves because they're all lovely, they're all talented". "She even instructed the paparazzi that they could only shoot her from above and said that she does not want look fat in the photos". Abby shocked the public when she announced that she would be leaving Dance Moms permanently.

"We wrapped a couple weeks ago, but I think the girls are trying to focus on them [selves]. They have to ask for permission." Eek! It was important for me if they want to be there, outside, on the couch talking and gossiping, then that's fine but they can't just barge into my room.

It's no secret that Abby Lee Miller and her dance students' parents didn't get along. It really is about getting about the job done.

"But in classic Abby form, the moment she got there she was barking out orders and telling people what to do!"

Burke further explained, "You can't change certain girls' appearances". On Sunday, May 14, she walked the red carpet at the premiere party for E!'s newest reality TV series What Happens at the Abbey in Los Angeles and she opened up about which of her former co-stars have reached out to her since her sentencing. "It depends on where your heart is".

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