Boris Johnson confronted by Sikh woman after 'whisky in temple' gaffe

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said: "He was simply making the point that a free trade deal with for example India could be huge for both sides pointing out that in India billions of litres of whisky are consumed every year but there is at 120 per cent on imports of Scotch whisky". Others members of the crowd reportedly told Johnson that if he had made the comments in India, he "would not have got out of the temple alive". Publicly mentioning that some Sikhs do enjoy liquor also angered some religious groups in the United Kingdom.

Johnson, a figurehead of last year's Brexit campaign, said: "I hope I'm not embarrassing anybody here by saying that whenever we go to India - Mumbai or to Delhi - we have to bring clinking in our luggage. When you are a baptised Sikh you have that inner strength".

In fairness to Johnson, while Akal Takht Sandesh (a religious code of conduct) states that Sikhs "must not take hemp, opium, liquor, tobacco, in short any intoxicant", many Sikhs living in the United Kingdom do drink alcohol. She apparently said that she would not want to put somebody in power whose objective would be to put more alcohol in India, the country which is facing a lot of problems due to alcohol. "Inheritance is not an issue - alcohol is", the woman said, angrily.

"I'm sorry if I am shouting but it is very important to me".

Jonson's blunders kept flowing, this time his team being the guilty party.

Oh dear. After batting off accusations that he has been put into hiding for the course of the general election campaign, Boris Johnson today resurfaced on the campaign trail in Bristol.

But the apology got lost in the subsequent debris of clarification provided by Johnson's team.

"We have to bring Johnnie Walker, we have to bring whisky because, as you may know, there is a duty of 150 percent in India on imports of Scotch whisky, so we have to bring it in duty free for our relatives".

Johnson, whose wife is of Sikh Indian descent, was trying to sell the potential benefits of creating a free trade deal with India, but seemed unaware that the Sikh religion banned consumption of alcohol. But imagine what we could do if there was a free trade deal with India - which there will be.

"It is a requirement that Sikhs should not consume any intoxicants", he said.

However, the upset woman went ahead and said that this reference by John in a way showed how Conservatives are not bothered about what the people want and added that he should have known and not talk about alcohol and promote it in front of a Gurdwara.

  • Leroy Wright