Aussie cat may be officially recognised as world's longest domestic feline

Omar still lags behind longest cat in recorded history, a Maine Coon named Stewie, who was a total of 48.5 inches, but needless to say, Omar is a lot of cat!

Attention lovers of all things furry and feline: pictures of the world's "longest" cat have surfaced on the Internet and they couldn't be more adorable.

Omar is a Maine Coone who lives in Croydon, Victoria.

Guinness World Records has yet to confirm if Omar takes the title.

The pet's day normally begins at 5am, when it eats dry cat food for breakfast, followed by lounging around the house, playing in the backyard, taking naps on the trampoline and munching on raw kangaroo meat for dinner, according to the BBC. "It's the only meat we could find that he actually wants to eat", Stephy Hirst tells the BBC.

Ms Hirst started a social media account for Omar two weeks ago and one of her photos was shared on the Cats of Instagram account more than 270,000 times.

The current record holder is British cat Ludo, who was measured at 3.8 feet long in 2015, but Omar's owner Stephy Hirst, 29, says her 30-pound ME coon is 3.9 feet - she's just waiting for confirmation from the record-setting organization.

Now, Hirst has submitted Omar for consideration of the record and it would typically take Guinness up to 12 weeks to response.

"(Omar) was tiny when we got him but then he just started growing and was 10kg at one year old", Hirst said. "But he is really good at opening doors, sliding doors, kitchen cupboards, shower doors, wardrobes, he'll get past all of them", she added.

If Hirst's claims that Omar is over 120, that would quite easily make him the World's Longest Cat.

But being Instagram-famous, or even world-famous, doesn't seem to be high on Omar's list of priorities.

  • Leroy Wright