Airline crew detained after Heathrow heroin haul

"The crew members' passports were also reportedly taken by the police", the report stated.

However, Geo News reported that the PIA spokesperson said, on Tuesday, that the crew was taken into custody for interrogation related to security issues.

The airline is being defamed by giving out false information, the crew alleged.

PIA earlier said that the airline planned to take up this case with the High Commission in Britain as it caused a great deal of discomfort to both the crew and the passengers.

Meanwhile, PIA's United Kingdom station manager Sajidullah Khan has told that they have not been notified by the United Kingdom authorities about the discovery of heroin on the PIA plane.

"This is not an issue of PIA but of the global image of Pakistan, which has been tarnished due to this incident", he stated. The agents were equipped with cameras, and conducted live filming to secure evidence, assisted by sniffing dogs who were also brought on the plane.

"We have not been informed as to why was the crew detained", Tajwar had initially said, adding that the flight had since returned to Pakistan at 11:30 am Tuesday.

They were never scheduled to fly on flight PK-785 from London to Lahore in the first place, the spokesperson said. All PIA flights to London are operating as per schedule, it added.

According to PIA sources, a protest will be lodged over the heavy handedness of the police.

A report in Dawn newspaper quoted PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar as saying that the flight from Islamabad to London arrived at Heathrow Airport at 2.50 p.m. on Monday.

According to British Police, the aircraft was diverted due to reports of a disruptive passenger.

  • Joanne Flowers