Warriors, Spurs will try to use break to rest and heal again

If I scoot a little closer, they'll get a little scared, because I know I'd get scared.

"I didn't have to stop for any of these red lights". You've got to understand exactly the things that we did better tonight. "We need to get slapped and come back and play Game 3 and see who we are".

"Somebody's got to teach him if the California Highway Patrol tells you to move, you move over", Popovich cracked.

For whatever reason, CSN Bay Area's Ray Ratto wanted to know when, exactly, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich realized his team just didn't have it that night. You, stop!' So I'm like feeling myself a little bit, like I'm not getting bullied by Oakland PD or San Francisco PD. My own building? My own parking lot? So then another one pulls up: 'Hey, you! I think we've maybe felt it too much, Kawhi being gone, in the sense that I don't think - as I watched - I don't think they believed. I see the auto trying to inch forward. When the police say "Hey, you, stop!" that's what you want to do as soon as is humanly possible. I'm like I've got five cops around me, so I just stopped.

Brown said that while he was driving to Oracle Arena for the game, the Spurs' bus started pulling up behind him, and it was great at first because he was able to get to the arena quicker.

Apparently his counterpart, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, had a hand in it and was quite amused with the proceedings.

Her response: "I think it's in my best interest, Mike, to leave it at that". And then an SUV pulls up, and I hear them over their speaker, 'hey you, in the Range Rover.

Popovich got a kick out of the whole ordeal.

  • Julie Sanders