Volvo partners with Google for Android infotainment system

The partnership with Google, one of the world's largest technology companies, is meant to help Volvo develop the next generation of its in-car infotainment and connectivity solution based on Android, which offers access to a wide array of apps and services.

Android Auto was Google's face in the segment of connected cars, but it's changing.

Thanks to the rate at which digital technologies are developing plus the crucial importance the smartphone now plays in the average person's daily life, the auto as we know it is simply a short trip away from becoming a rolling computer or a handset on wheels. Watch how Android Auto works in the video below.

"We're thrilled to partner with Volvo to bring Android into their next generation connected cars", said Patrick Brady, Vice President of Android Engineering at Google. Google has earlier displayed a Google-designed interface which is similar to "Pure Google" Pixel phone and the custom interface found in Fiat-Chrysler which is similar to Android smartphones like Samsung and LG.

"We are making an important strategic step with the Google partnership".

Volvo says this new system will become available on their models within the next two years.

The Android infotainment system will not only run the center stack operations but will also trickle into the digital instrument cluster. This, although, is not the first time we will have an Android on-board an automotive. As a result, it will not require to be connected to a smartphone for using various apps and services offered by the Google OS, unlike the current Android Auto functionality.

Google says it'll demonstrate the software, and provide more info on android for cars, during its google developer conference - which begins tomorrow, May 17.

  • Carolyn Briggs