South Korean media: New president will visit U.S. next month

She added the Russian Federation should be "extremely concerned" due to the latest North Korean missile test.

Haley previously indicated that new sanctions could target oil, a critical import for North Korea mainly from China, and she said Tuesday the us also wants sanctions on organizations and businesses in third countries that are helping Pyongyang.

The United States, Japan and South Korea called the emergency meeting to press worldwide demands that North Korea change course and dismantle its missile and nuclear programs.

"We're not going to continue to just say go ahead and test as often as you want", Haley said, flanked by the South Korean and Japanese ambassadors. "North Korean missiles are a threat, a threat to the region and very destabilizing", Davis said.

Both Trump and Moon have indicated they would be willing to meet with North Korea's young leader, Kim Jong-un.

But Washington is Seoul's closest ally and military protector, and the North's rising nuclear and missile tests make close co-ordination crucial. "We should never underestimate it", Choi said.

The council demanded North Korea halt its tests and said it was ready to impose further sanctions. China really is the key in dealing with the North Korea issue.

With China having agreed to strengthen sanctions in discussions with the U.S., Haley added, other nations were "trying to fill that void" of support for the DPRK.

Asked if North Korea's missile program was developing faster than the South had expected, he said: "Yes".

There are doubts whether the North can miniaturise a nuclear weapon sufficiently to fit it onto a missile nose cone, and no proof it has mastered the re-entry technology needed to ensure it survives returning into Earth's atmosphere. Pyongyang said the new weapon, Hwasong-12, was capable of carrying a "heavy nuclear warhead".

While there is nothing definitive to link the attacks to North Korea, similarities exist between the ransomware used to extort computer users into paying the hackers and previously deployed North Korean malware codes.

Experts also said that if fired at a standard trajectory, the missile could have an operational range of up to 5,000 kilometers, long enough to hit Guam, Hawaii or even Alaska.

Not only has the world been stunned by the technological breakthrough demonstrated in this latest test-launch, but the timing with which it was carried out has also exacerbated concerns among the global community that North Korea is becoming increasingly defiant and reckless, and is not afraid of adding fuel to the already boiling tension in the region.

Trump warned in an interview with Reuters this month that a "major, major conflict" with North Korea was possible, and in a show of force, sent the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group to Korean waters to conduct drills with South Korea and Japan.

They are Hong Seok-hyun, a former chairman of the Joong-ang Ilbo, who will go to the USA, former prime minister Lee Hae-chan, who goes to China, Minjoo Party lawmaker Moon Hee-sang, who heads to Japan, fellow Minjoo lawmaker Song Young-gil (Russia), and Cho Yoon-je (EU and Germany), a professor at Sogang University.

  • Leroy Wright