National Football League expected to allow two injured reserve returns

Among the topics on the agenda is voting on rule change proposals still on the table after the last round of meetings, which took place in Phoenix two months ago.

At league meeting next week, NFL owners will vote on proposal to allow a second player to come off IR in season.

15 minutes gives both teams ample time to go down the field and hit a field goal to extend the overtime period.

That isn't the only significant change potentially being made next week, but the owners are also voting on changing the overtime period from 15 to 10 minutes in the regular season.

Now, according to Judy Battista of NFL Media, NFL owners reportedly are expected to reduce preseason and regular-season overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes in May. But it's unlikely to have any measurable positive impact on player health and safety.

Although most overtime games don't last the entire extra frame, some are upset this could lead to more ties, and we all know what ties resemble.

This change to the injured reserve would have greatly affected the Patriots in 2016 and would have allowed the team to bring back Rob Gronkowski for the playoffs. It also provides hope to players injured in the offseason or early in the year that they will still have a chance to come back.

Though that second portion is just speculation by Smith, and the rule change technically has not passed yet, it's clear that the National Football League would like to see more players come back if they're healthy and can play. Still, the rule change will likely be more controversial than the one regarding injured reserve. Teams must wait at least eight weeks after placing a player on IR to activate him. This move would increase that from one player to two players.

  • Julie Sanders