Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Returns to 'SNL'

Melissa McCarthy's impression of White House spokesperson Sean Spicer has become a national phenomenon since she first rammed her podium into a crowd of fake reporters on Saturday Night Live in February.

The sketch began with cast member Aidy Bryant playing Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House aide who subbed for Spicer for a few days last week. McCarthy's angry Spicer announces after storming into the room following the suggestion that Sanders simply replace him.

"Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?" he asks.

The skit opened with McCarthy's Sean Spicer fronting up to his regular press conference before storming out to meet the president at Trump Tower, riding through the NY streets on a motorised podium. Spicer then emerges during the conference, hoses down a reporter with a fire extinguisher, and pushes Sanders out of the way to take his podium back.

Melissa McCarthy made a triumphant return to host Saturday Night Live, officially joining the heralded 5-timers club in the process.

That would have been a fitting end, but in the "SNL" tradition of more is not enough, the 8-minute skit continues until McCarthy finds Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump at a New Jersey golf course.

McCarthy, as Spicer, proceeds to take control of the briefing, announcing "Spicey's back!" There was no way McCarthy wasn't going to mock Spicer for it, and she definitely delivers!

"Were you surprised that he fired Comey before he fired you?" one asks. "How do we know?"

She then proceeds to berate reporters asking about Trump's decision to fire Comey and whether it was related to the FBI's investigation into possible collusion between his campaign associates and Russian Federation. He told us so.There's no Russian Federation thing.

"I fired him because of Russia", Baldwin/Trump said.

"Wait, did I get him?".

After firing the Federal Bureau of Investigation director last week, Trump sent out an ominous message which implied that his conversations with Comey were recorded, and that Comey "better hope" they never find their way to the media.

The real-life Trump was reportedly upset earlier this year with "SNL" having a woman play his press secretary.

"Kiss me", Baldwin's Trump said, embracing "Spicey".

  • Leroy Wright