McDonald's Expands its UberEats Delivery Service over 1000 Restaurants

While delivery is a compelling service to offer, it isn't simple for restaurants to add. Customers often spend less when ordering food for delivery, especially at casual-dining chains that rely on alcohol orders to drive sales. Are you lovin' it?

McDonald's said today it has expanded delivery via UberEats to about 270 restaurants in Chicago and about 700 more nationwide, a move aimed at winning back younger consumers willing to pay more for food brought to their doors.

McDelivery is now available at 300 restaurants across Los Angeles; 267 throughout the Chicago area; 59 in Columbus; and 144 in Phoenix and will expand to additional cities in the coming months.

In January, the two companies ran a "McDelivery" pilot in more than 200 restaurants in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay.

Almost 75 percent of the USA population lives within three miles of a McDonald's restaurant, according to the company.

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McDonald's isn't the only chain experimenting with delivery. The company could benefit from outsourcing the delivery service to third-parties instead of building its own delivery team.

McDonald's already has well-established delivery services in Asia and the Middle East, where for some restaurants delivery is 40 percent of sales.

"Through delivery, we'll bring the McDonald's experience to more customers, whether it's in their homes, their dorm rooms, to their workplace and beyond", Easterbrook said on a conference call in April.

Last year, McDonald's said it generated almost $1 billion in delivery sales globally across both its company-owned and franchised restaurants. McDonald's is in a race with its primary competitors, Burger King and Wendy's, to expand delivery.

  • Zachary Reyes