Health incident command team works to prevent measles spread

Most of the outbreak, 49 of the 58 total cases, has been in Hennepin County.

The outbreak has now spread to LeSueur County, with two cases reported there. They've asked almost 500 people to limit public contact because they lack immunity protection.

Three have been adults, and 50 of the cases have come in the Somali Minnesotan community. She said they have also asked area school district staff pass out that same information to unvaccinated students. "We can not continue diverting funding and resources away from other vital public health services to respond to disease outbreaks and threats", he said. Some people who were exposed have now been vaccinated but still need to remain on exclusion for the full 21 days. The disease is easily spread through the air. The disease is contagious four days before and after the rash appears. One individual had one dose of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. You can also request vaccination records by calling 651-201-3980.

Shaughnessy said over 92 percent of students in the county are vaccinated by the time they enter kindergarten and 98 percent are vaccinated by the time they reach second grade.

Monday's number is an increase from 54 cases on Friday.

MDH recommends anyone interested in vaccinations contact their healthcare provider.

  • Joanne Flowers