Scotland needs choice on independence at end of Brexit: Sturgeon

Will the Tories support them?

Speaking to The Saint the First Minister said students at St Andrews and other universities, should vote for the SNP "because, given the challenges that lie ahead for the United Kingdom as a whole and Scotland within that, we need strong voices for Scotland in the House of Commons".

"My position is I want Scotland to be in the EU. We think we can do prescribing better and we think this is sound", she said.

She said: "When Nicola Sturgeon signed the Edinburgh Agreement that said she would respect the result, I believed her".

"I think people understand that if you want to make sure Scotland's voice is heard on Brexit and you want to have a real choice over the future of Scotland and the future of Scotland in the European Union then the only way to vote, is to vote SNP", she said.

Ms Dugdale said electing a Labour government in the general election would "end austerity" as her party would "invest in local services, abolish the bedroom tax and deliver a real living wage of £10 an hour".

Ms Davidson also suggested that a second referendum on independence should not be considered for around 35 years.

"My proposition is just that when we get to the end of the Brexit process, and when we know what the terms of Brexit are, Scotland should have a choice, and that is my simple argument", she said.

She said: "Labour's manifesto leak simply serves to highlight how Scotland is leading the United Kingdom - numerous policies which they believe would benefit people in England were introduced by the SNP in Scotland long ago".

He added: "Now, more than ever, it is vital to have strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland". I continue to think it is right for it to be 18.

The SNP candidate for East Dunbartonshire John Nicolson says only the SNP can provide a strong opposition at Westminster.

"It's an obsession with independence that prevents them taking the action that is necessary to deal with the issues that concern the everyday lives of people in Scotland". "We have a record on which we are proud to campaign - delivering the best healthcare anywhere in the United Kingdom, helping businesses to thrive, and focusing above all else on education, equipping our young people to achieve the best start in life".

"For years, the First Minister has told me time after time of her commitment to mental health, but there is very little evidence of improvement".

"In Scotland, it is only the strong voice of SNP MPs at Westminster, combined with an effective SNP government, that has protected Scotland from the full force of the Tories at Westminster".

  • Leroy Wright