White House Postpones Another Climate Change Meeting

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane, reporting from Bonn, said that "although there are delegates here that implement the Paris agreement in their own legislation, they very much fear what comes around the corner" from the US.

"He told him he's going to try to protect what was made in Paris", Macron's spokeswoman Laurence Haim told CNN's Christiane Amanpour Monday.

Fiji, which holds the presidency of the upcoming climate summit, said it was important to press ahead with the talks.

"The Paris Agreement is the manifestation of our dual obligations to care for the earth and protect the most vulnerable populations among us", Pesner said in a statement. But the gathering risks being hamstrung over fears that the USA, the world's number two carbon polluter, will pull out and throw the agreement into disarray.

Ted Halstead, president of the Climate Leadership Council, said that "there is a almost unanimous position on the part of big business".

Investors are asking G7 leaders to present focused and targeted long-term climate and energy plans in line with commitments under the pact, and set climate-related policies that stimulate further investment into the low carbon transition.

There has been a chorus of appeals from U.S. and foreign business leaders, politicians and NGOs for Washington not to abandon the agreement.

Newspaper readers also spotted the message in a Tiffany & Co.ad in the New York Times. A meeting of his advisers that had been scheduled for Tuesday was postponed due to scheduling conflicts, a White House Official said.

"We must stay in Paris, we must pass on a healthy economy and a healthy environment to our children", Lubber said.

He said he trusted that "the good sense and pragmatic spirit of President Trump and his team" would prevail.

The co-authors say the Paris Agreement strengthens competitiveness by ensuring a more balanced global climate effort and will reduce future climate impacts, including damage to business facilities and operations, declining agricultural productivity and water supplies and disruption of global supply chains.

However, a coalition of 38 conservative and free market groups yesterday reportedly wrote their own letter to Trump urging him to ditch the Paris Agreement, arguing it would "protect" U.S. energy firms and manufacturers.

Ivanka Trump has meanwhile become a talisman for those who believe she can be a moderating influence on her father.

The United States, alongside more than 100 other countries, signed onto the accord under former President Barack Obama that aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions in member countries.

  • Larry Hoffman