Trudeau congratulates Macron on election as French president

The right could make further gains in coming years, especially if Macron fails - and Le Pen will certainly be trying to make gains in June when France holds its parliamentary elections.

Macron said his task was to rebuild European unity, fix the French economy and ensure security against extremist threats.

Socialist Party official Jean-Christophe Cambadelis stressed Tuesday that it is "impossible" to remain a Socialist party member and run for office under the Republic on the Move banner.

Icon books will publish The French Exception in September as a paperback original.

Yesterday, a French national holiday, the president-elect joined President Francois Hollande in commemoration of the end of World War II.

He expressed hope that the two countries would further strengthen relations in line with common interests after Macron's victory and based on grounds prepared during recent years.

Le Pen delivered a speech to her supporters shortly after the release of the projections, conceding her defeat in the election and saying that "France has chosen continuity".

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron resigned as head of his political party 'En Marche!

The Republicans, the main centre-right party whose candidate like that of the Socialists was eliminated in a first vote for president on April 23, were preparing on Wednesday to unveil a policy platform that softens some of the hard-line measures it was proposing during the presidential campaign.

"The next challenge for Macron is going to be the parliamentary elections in June, and given that there's a lack of significant support, it remains highly uncertain whether the President can build a parliamentary majority". But first, he must choose a Prime Minister and win support from the deputies of the French Parliament, without which his Presidency could be largely unworkable.

The final results showed that Macron had won 66.1 percent of the votes to 33.9 percent for Le Pen.

But winning a majority is a long shot; French voters are split among at least five major parties, and En Marche doesn't have the same electoral experience as a lot of the more established parties.

Macron, who is 39, will be the youngest leader of France since Napoleon ruled in the country around the start of the 19th century. "We'll wait and see", Bolivar said.

Mrs May has called an early election for June 8, arguing that her Conservatives need a bigger majority in order to stand firm against - and strike deals with - the EU.

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