Robert Mugabe 'Not Asleep Just Resting His Eyes'

This is the assertion of the 93-year-old's spokesman, George Charamba. What it'll be like when I'm in my 70s or even 80s is something I can not even fathom. The President of Zimbabwe has been in the news lately because he was caught sleeping at United Nations meetings.

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is just resting his eyes when he appears to fall asleep at public meetings, his spokesman has claimed.

According to Mr. Charamba George (Spokesman), the President is set to run for elections next year and is now receiving medical treatment for his fragile eyes in Singapore. You can't blame him.

Gutu added: "From what Charamba said, Mugabe could actually be much older than 93. If you look at his poise, he looks down, avoids direct lighting", Charamba said. He said it was a world-class medical destination that other leaders, including those from the First World, visit regularly. Charamba is deliberately overspinning facts to mislead the leaderless flock in Zimbabwe.

"I feel like a failure when there is this reading that the president is sleeping in conferences - no", - Mr. Charamba said when briefing the media.

"It was not his decision, it was the decision of opticians who suggested that with the state of his age, with the state of the problem he was having visually, it was important that he gets advanced attention which is obtainable in Singapore", Charamba told the radio station (his quotes were also carried by the state-run Herald newspaper). That is what happens at 93 and Mandela, I do not think lived as long as the President did.

Mandela was popular for not allowing even flashes whenever he was in the room. This has further been compounded by his even alarming claims that Mugabe's Singaporean physician is a black Zimbabwean.

"Charamba should face the truth that his boss is now a liability to the country", Nyandoro said.

"We have a number of specialised doctors, who are manning our institutions", he told the Herald.

"We have hospitals in this country".

  • Leroy Wright