Pistons' Van Gundy, family adopt animal shelter's last dog

Eastwood was the only dog without a home following the "Empty the Shelters" event Saturday. After the event, the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society posted that one of their dogs, Eastwood, which had been at the shelter through the winter, was the last one left.

Eastwood's first message to his followers, says "Car rides are for the good boys" along with a picture of his new best friend.

The dog has been adopted by Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy and cameras were there when the family picked up their new addition. The shelter livestreamed the moment the Van Gundy family met the pup.

"We are so grateful to the Van Gundy family for the awareness they are bringing to adoption and for opening their hearts to make a difference that will change Eastwood's life forever", remarked Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation.

The blue-and-red Detroit Pistons bandana around his neck said it all: Eastwood the dog now has close ties to the basketball world.

Eastwood has a genetic defect in one of his rear legs and in one of his eyes.

Kim Van Gundy also came prepared with treats - which Eastwood went insane over.

  • Julie Sanders