In a divided France, challenges await President-elect Macron

The Prime Minister's Office says the two leaders reaffirmed the "rich and diverse bilateral relationship that exists between Canada and France".

France's two conventional parties - the conservative Republicans and the left-wing Socialists - both failed to reach the presidential runoff vote in which Macron defeated the far-right's Marine Le Pen.

The losers of the presidential election are aiming to capitalise on a general lack of enthusiasm for the pro- business Macron - whom many voters backed exclusively to bar Le Pen - to bounce back in the parliamentary vote.

WIKIMEDIA, OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOSTo the relief of many French scientists, outsider Emmanuel Macron handily won the French presidency in a run-off election yesterday (May 7), defeating his opponent, the National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, 66 to 34 percent.

Trump was among the first world leaders to congratulate Macron on "his big win", in a tweet Sunday night.

On Monday, a French national holiday, the president-elect joined President Francois Hollande in commemoration of the end of World War II.

"Happy that the French chose a European future", said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as EU observers noted triumphantly that Mr. Macron had the EU anthem "Ode to Joy" play as he took the stage for his victory rally.

The New York Times said that France, like the United States, Britain and other major democracies, faced the challenge of "many people feeling marginalised by globalisation, economic stagnation, an unresponsive government, unemployment, faceless terrorism and a tide of immigrants".

Marjolaine Roget, a student, said she was happy that the National Front, led by Le Pen, did not win.

Macron, however, has strongly supported the EU.

The anti-European Union, anti-immigration party will now focus on next month's parliamentary elections, although Ms Le Pen recognised that the party needs far-reaching change.

Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, who is employed by the Consistoire, also spoke of his satisfaction from the vote. "I want Emmanuel Macron to succeed".

This freakish video shows Le Pen, the daughter of party founder and Holocaust denier Jean-Marie Le Pen, hitting the dance floor just hours after her defeat.

Trying to bring more people into her party will be key, and Le Pen is looking for "those who choose France, defend its independence, its freedom, its prosperity, its security, its identity, and its social model", she said Sunday.

  • Leroy Wright