A dictionary trolls Trump on Twitter. Again and again and again

Even in his interview with The Economist, Trump seems only faintly aware of what "priming the pump" really means, asking, "you understand the expression "prime the pump"?". Trump recently suggested that Andrew Jackson could have somehow prevented the Civil War, even though the two-term Democrat owned slaves and died almost 16 years before the war started in 1861. He said. "Because I haven't heard it". I mean, I just... "I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good", Trump said in the interview.

President Donald Trump is not known for this masterful use of the English language. It's a commonly used phrase in economic circles and refers to spending, usually at the public level, to get the economy moving again. In March, for instance, he told the New York Times Magazine that the USA would need to "prime the pump" while making a similar argument.

Mr Trump's economic philosophy is one of "self-respect as a nation", he told The Economist, in which America's trade deficits are at or near zero, tax is favourable to business and no country can "take advantage" of the United States through worldwide arbitration courts.

TRUMP: Yeah, have you heard it? Not to mention the 24 million people the Congressional Budget Office says would lose coverage mostly as a result of the bill's big cuts to Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act's subsidies.

Trump himself has used the phrase before, including in a December 8, 2016 speech in Des Moines, Iowa, and during a Fox News interview in April.

"So you would have a bigger deficit, a stimulus, to prime the pump that would lead to faster growth?" editors from The Economist asked.

Reporter: And to get Democratic support, they prefer...

- Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) May 11, 2017We enter "prime the pump" under "prime" in our dictionary.

For Trump, the idea is that cutting taxes would inject more money into the economy.

The US media is now waiting for the President to shrug off the embarrassing turn.

"We have to prime the pump", he said, meaning stimulate the economy.

On the campaign trail, Trump did take credit for the genesis of two other expressions.

The conservative-leaning Tax Foundation estimates the bracket reduction and business tax cut alone would cost the Treasury up to $6 trillion over the next 10 years. "You know, since I've been talking about currency manipulation with respect to them and other countries, they stopped".

  • Zachary Reyes