Trump seeks closer Russia ties in meeting

A spokeswoman for President Donald Trump is suggesting that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who wrote a memo justifying FBI Director James Comey's firing, be selected to take over the Russian Federation investigation.

The president also fired Preet Bharara, the USA attorney for the Southern District of NY who was investigating Russian businessmen and at least one Trump official.

White House released a new timeline, saying Trump was inclined to fire Comey after watching his Russian Federation testimony last week.

While not unprecedented, it is a rare privilege for a foreign minister to be received by a US president for a bilateral meeting in the White House. No reporters were allowed in to ask questions - though they were ushered in minutes later for Trump's session with Henry A. Kissinger, the former secretary of state. Needless to say, as CNN's Jim Acosta discovered, White House officials were furious they had been misled by Lavrov and his associates.

The press corps has rallied together in recent months to protest restrictions on White House access, but despite their demands they continue to be locked out of major events in and out of the Oval Office.

It's called "electing Donald Trump president of the United States".

The spokesman did not confirm or denied the alleged designation of Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoli Antonov as the new head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.

But it was a different message when Lavrov held his own press conference at the Russian Embassy after his White House visit.

Trump, Lavrov, and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak, right, in the Oval Office Wednesday.

Warner, the top Democrat on the panel, said it was "hard to avoid the conclusion" that Trump's firing of Comey was related to the Russian Federation investigation.

In his earlier meeting with Lavrov, Tillerson emphasized the US wouldn't lift sanctions on Russian Federation related to Ukraine until Russian Federation reverses the actions that triggered the punishment - namely, its Crimea annexation. If the reason was not that Trump, after all that talk about "locking up" Hillary Clinton and praise last October for Comey's letter reintroducing the Clinton email investigation into the campaign, suddenly realized Comey had behaved improperly under Justice Department rules, then the rationale is a lie.

Michael Flynn's failure to disclose meetings with Kislyak eventually led to his departure as national security advisor and made the Russian diplomat a virtual household name.

"No", Sanders said. "I think the president wanted to give Director Comey a chance".

The Oval Office pictures could hardly have come at a worse time for Trump, deepening suspicions that he is too cozy with Putin's government.

Lavrov was in a joking mood when he spoke to reporters beside Tillerson Wednesday morning at the State Department.

Russian Federation has in the past gone to significant lengths to hide bugs in key USA facilities.

Trump's meeting with Lavrov was listed on his schedule as "Closed Press", which would mean the media would not be allowed to document its proceedings. He said Wednesday he fired Comey because he "was not doing a good job".

Growing Backlash As commentators on cable TV called Trump's move an abuse of power, the president was startled and infuriated by how his action was being received, according to a person with knowledge of his reaction.

When asked whether the Comey dismissal had affected his meeting, Trump said, "not at all".

  • Leroy Wright