Trump attacks on fired FBI chief meet resistance

President Donald Trump insisted Thursday that there was "no collusion" between his winning campaign and the Russian government, in his first extended remarks since he roiled Washington with his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

McCabe testified in place of Comey, who Trump dismissed as Federal Bureau of Investigation director on Tuesday in an action that has roiled Washington.

"He made a recommendation, he's highly respected, very good guy, very smart guy, the Democrats like him, the Republicans like him, he made a recommendation but regardless of recommendation I was going to fire Comey", he said.

"Days before he was sacked, James B. Comey, the former FBI director, asked the Justice Department for a significant increase in resources for the bureau's investigation into Russia's interference in the presidential election".

"And the reason they should have won it is the electoral college is nearly impossible for a Republican to win". It's very hard because you start off at such a disadvantage. "It's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won".

The "made up story" portion of the answer drew attention on social media, including from U.S. Sen.

"When I did this now I said, 'I probably maybe will confuse people". McCabe told a Senate panel it was not "standard practice" to tell an individual whether they are or are not under investigation.

It was unclear whether word of the Comey request, said to have been put to Rosenstein, ever made its way to Trump.

Richard Painter, a former White House ethics lawyer to President Bush, and Norm Eisen, a former White House ethics lawyer to President Obama, teamed up with Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe to pen an op-ed on the firing.

Mr. Trump pressed Comey on whether it would be "honest loyalty".

Financial adviser John Carey said he thinks Comey should have resigned or been fired last July for overstepping his bounds in the investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails.

He said he could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey.

Former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko said on "The Story" tonight that he does not believe that's the case.

Mr Trump said he had asked Mr Comey once over dinner and twice by telephone.

A Justice Department spokesman argues that recusal did not bar Sessions from weighing in on the decision to fire Comey.

In mentioning the Russian Federation probe as part of his rationale, Trump seemed to contradict White House claims that Comey was sacked for his handling of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email practices, which ended a year ago.

Trump's abrupt decision to fire Comey earlier this week has come under criticism, particularly from Democrats who question why the president removed him in the middle of an FBI investigation into Trump associates' contacts with Russian Federation.

The ousted director himself is said to be confident that his own version of events will come out, possibly in an appearance before Congress, according to an associate who has been in touch with him since his firing Tuesday. "As far as I'm concerned, I want that thing to be absolutely done properly", the President said.

Trump responded, "I said, 'If it's possible would you let me know am I under investigation?' He said, 'You are not under investigation". "They need to decide what they're going to say and they need to stick with it".

  • Leroy Wright