Nasrallah says mission accomplished in east Lebanon

The texts branded Nasrallah a murderer and liar, Lebanon's Mulhak news site reported, and some accused him of being behind the assassination of top Hezbollah commander Mustafa Badreddine, who was killed in Syria a year ago.

The Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Akhbar newspaper on Friday blamed Israel and an alleged "Israeli-Saudi alliance" for the attack, describing it as psychological warfare meant "to shake Lebanese faith in the resistance, and to plant seeds of division".

Hassan Nasrallah said, "Israel has been threatening for ten years to open a front against Hezbollah, but it hasn't done anything".

Recent Israeli air strikes against Hezbollah targets in Syria appeared to mark a more assertive stance toward the group.

The Lebanese militia fought a one-month war with Israel, its primary enemy, in 2006.

He added that the fact that Israel hides behind two walls in Lebanon and Gaza proves its weakness, noting that resistance fighters had convinced Israel that there was no place for it in Lebanon.

In a future war, IDF officials expect Hezbollah special-forces Radwan units to attempt to take over a civilian community across the border and kidnap soldiers or civilians.

During a visit to Israel this week, US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford said Hezbollah's potential of opening a front against Israel in Syria is a "big threat" to the security of the Jewish state.

"To be clear, the Russians proposed these deconfliction zones in Astana", Dunford said, and while Moscow would like the United States to be a part, no decision has yet been made.

Katz also warned against the creation of a territorial continuum from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon and explained that an Iranian military presence in Syria and Lebanon would obligate Israel to allocate a significant amount of resources to enhance its preparedness in the Golan Heights and in the Galilee. Hezbollah has been actively involved in fighting in Syria to support its allies, Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iran.

  • Leroy Wright