Kelly Oubre: Hits by Kelly Olynyk ended with retaliation

Neither player likes to leave the people wondering, particularly after a loss.

After being floored by an illegal screen from Celtics big man Kelly Olynyk early in the second quarter, Oubre charged at Olynyk and knocked him to the ground after burying his forearm in his chest. "I hope we're not going to jinx it".

The he said, she said, he said continued between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. "It's got to be called differently". I been getting grabbed and beat up the whole series too.

The Wizards were by far the better basketball team on Thursday, shooting 46.7 percent thanks to 19 points each from Porter and Bogdanovic. Wall had seven points, three assists and two steals during the third-quarter spree that featured eight Celtics turnovers. Oubre hit a basket 10 seconds before drawing the offensive foul and then costing himself the rest of the game.

Despite Oubre's suspension, the Wizards aren't backing down against a Boston team that also seems to be willing to engage in physicality. I know he's not like the greatest basketball player of all-time so maybe he feel like he's gotta do like that. Game 4 is Sunday.

"He's dirty, a dirty player", Green said on Uninterrupted's "Dray Day" podcast. But he still had his opportunity to get shots, he was being aggressive.

"I think he's being pretty aggressive", Bradley said of Thomas.

The Celtics finally figured out what time the game started.

In another video by Monumental Sports Network, head coach Scott Brooks spoke about regretting Oubre's absence. He is the first to point out that his talent wasn't at the same level of his all-star point guard's, but the lesson Brooks learned in the National Basketball Association still stands. Even as Thomas complained about a discrepancy in fouls, coach Brad Stevens knows Boston has to combat Washington in more ways than just matching one hard foul for another.

"It's the effect for my actions", Oubre said Saturday, according to They're gonna call fouls on guys who get fouled, not just guys that are all-stars. "Right now, just looking forward to the next game I'm able to play".

"I mean, I know who I am". I look at it, our bigs did a good job. "We realized at halftime that we weren't defending the way we were capable of".

It's going to be interesting to see if players can keep their cool going forward. "We're just competing and trying to win, and they did that today". In Games 3 and 4 we was the opposing teams that wasn't allowing those guys to do that. We have to play better throughout the whole game (in Game 5). I play the same way each and every night.

Green argues that there are players who are crafty at seeking a competitive advantage and then there are players who will do anything to get an edge.

  • Julie Sanders