Windows 10 now runs on 500 million active devices

But it does, perhaps, show why Microsoft is getting so aggressive about getting Windows 10 into more spaces and new markets. To begin with, Guthrie announced the general availability of Visual Studio for Mac, which was released as a preview alongside the Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate for Windows back in November a year ago.

Microsoft dropping support for older versions of Windows isn't an irregular thing.

We reached out to Microsoft for a comment on these stories and the company (almost) confirmed these reports. And many businesses are expected to upgrade to Windows 10 within the year. When asked to characterize Windows 10's growth as compared to previous versions of Windows, Microsoft executives said it's hard to compare.

Dubbed HomeHub, the feature is designed to create "a family environment for a PC with shared access to calendars, apps, and even a new welcome screen".

At first, the problem does not seem big because advanced browsers are not available in the Windows Store anyway, with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox not launching dedicated apps for Windows 10 until now. Exact data on which users have converted to Windows 10 is impossible to come by, but there's some reason to think this latest push might have been more business-oriented.

Microsoft is also busy sprinkling intelligence into other apps and services, like Office.

The half-billion milestone is an important one for convincing developers to write software for the Universal Windows Platform and to convert desktop apps so they can be sold in the Windows Store.

If Google really wants to bring its Chrome web browser to Windows 10 S, it's going to have to rework the entire browser based on Microsoft's engines. A separate survey of IT pros from Dimension Research says that 77 percent of organizations surveyed say they will complete their Windows 10 migrations within the next two years. But a new threat-described as one of the worst ever-can attack your computer with zero interaction from you. During the Microsoft Build 2017 keynote, we're likely to hear big news on both software and hardware, so read on for all the details of what to expect.

Microsoft's Build 2017 conference is in full swing and we are seeing the company make a lot of interesting announcements, as well as clear a lot of pent-ups that were long overdue. Microsoft claims four 9s of uptime and millisecond latency for the cloud-hosted database.

  • Arturo Norris