The Pairing of Two Franchises: The LA Clippers and Star Wars

As a fan of both Star Wars and the Clippers, you won't believe how many times I've messed this up. "I think the music has become even more important than the movie, so it became a normal thing, that if we did a movie show then we had to include Star Wars", Loeb van Zuilenburg told Weekend Argus. These fans will be happy to know that on Wednesday the ninth Star Wars movie-release date was announced for May 24, 2019. "I could get all philosophical and political about the story because Lucas did a great job of creating dialogue and commentary about our world and society within Star Wars, but I won't!" His quarters, which were seen a few times in Season Three, always featured a variety of artwork and other pieces of cultural significance. The day each year where every social media channel is crammed to capacity with bad Star Wars puns.

May 4 is designated as the annual Star Wars Day, due to the clever play on the words of the Star Wars motto, "May the force be with you".

"The Last Jedi" hits theaters on December 15, that'll be the most important day for fans.

The first known use of May the Fourth Be With You came during 1979. That month clearly has a deep connection to Star Wars for many fans.

"I liked Star Wars since I was small", said Annie Tseng, a 40-year-old communications specialist dressed as archvillain Darth Vader. To celebrate Star Wars Mr. Sadler will be watching Star Wars in his room at lunch and wearing his Obi-Wan robe all day. Starting on May 4, 2013, Disney Parks have had official fan celebrations - emphasis on fan, to keep with the spirit of the day - and this year Disney stores are also joining in, offering exclusive collectibles and deals on "Star Wars" merchandise.

From Lucasfilm comes the first of the Star Wars standalone films, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", an all-new epic adventure. "It was a very long day for the only FAA accident investigator on Jakku", the tweet said.

  • Arturo Norris