Bear ambles into California home, meets dog

On this particular stint, the bear took a dip in a pool, broke into a home and ate a family's avocados, and had a face-to-face confrontation with a dog.

One family told the news outlet that the bear was the number one suspect in an earlier break-in.

It's backyard recreation season all across the country, and here in bear country, it's not unusual to see a black bear or two wander into our neighborhoods.

After a brief stare down, the dog gave chase and the bear hightailed it off the property and onto a children's play area.

I can't tell if this dog is courageous or insane but you can't deny it for effectively protecting their land.

Soon after, the chase begins, with the dog darting after the bear. The bear, who we will now refer to as James Comey Jr. because it's America and we do what we want, also swam in a pool and snacked on fruit, according to NBC 4.

Nanette Gonzaga said she stumbled upon a bear rummaging through her refrigerator. "It's very frightning of course".

"He makes a mess of our trash bin every night", said resident Mike Tavakkoli.

The bear did however find food in a neighboring house as it rummaged through a garage.

  • Leroy Wright