Prisoners' committee warns against Israeli intentions to hurt Barghouthi's life

Some 850 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are still taking part in the strike.

"To the heroes on hunger strike in Israeli prison, I join you in this strike from this moment".

Imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti was busted breaking a hunger strike he is nominally heading.

Amid the hunger strike now undertaken by over 1,500 Palestinian prisoners to protest Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners, individuals and organizations worldwide have expressed support for the Palestinian prisoners and have condemned the ongoing Israeli crimes against Palestinians. Other footage shows a prisoner eating something near a sink.

Still, throughout the world, many groups have expressed their solidarity with the strikers, staging their own in support. The ministry said hospitals should force prisoners to take medicines or nutrients if they are in a life-threatening condition or risk permanent disabilities, Press TV reported.

Palestinians have held large rallies in support of the hunger strike since it began.

Nevertheless, the Israel Medical Association (IMA) has prohibited its members from participating in force-feeding hunger strikers, saying the practice amounts torture and that physicians should continue acting in accordance with medical ethics.

And throughout Europe, a number of solidarity hunger strikes have seen people participating from Turin, Italy, to Edinburgh, Scotland, to Manchester, England. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the law, backed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was in keeping with the constitution.

The sit-in participants stated their full, unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners.

"This is a battle of freedom in confrontation of injustice, persecution and oppression, a battle to preserve and fight for human values and concepts in the face of the barbarity and racism represented by the occupation and its agents".

  • Leroy Wright