Iran makes veiled threat against Pakistan, despite agreement

Bagheri said the Iranian armed forces will not hesitate to launch attacks in Pakistan to flush out militants, and urged Islamabad to man its borders and arrest members of terror groups. "If there are continued attacks, the terrorists' safe havens will be targeted and crushed, wherever they are", Bagheri was quoted as saying by IRNA news agency.

Speaking in a telephone conversation with Pakistani Federal Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday, Rahmani Fazli pointed to the recent terrorist crime against Iranian border guards near the town of Mirjaveh, and noted that "the incident was against the friendly and cordial relations between Iran and Pakistan".

This comes as the Iranian foreign minister arrived in Kabul on Sunday to meet with the Afghan officials, days after he visited Pakistan.

In 2014, Iran had warned Pakistan of sending its troops to rescue five Iranian border guards kidnapped by Jaish al Adl. The border area has always been plagued by unrest from both drug smuggling gangs and separatist militants.

Jaish al Adl is a Sunni militant group that has carried out several attacks against Iranian forces to highlight what they say is discrimination against minority Sunni Muslims in Iran, where the majority are Shi'ites.

In the same way, Tehran's defence minister was quoted as saying on Sunday after a Saudi prince threatened to move the "battle" to Iran, Tehran would hit back at most of Saudi Arabia with the exception of Makkah and Madina if the kingdom did anything in "ignorance". In a statement issued on state media at the time, Iranian police had said "the Pakistani government bears the ultimate responsibility of the attack".

One day later on April 27, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sent a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, calling on Islamabad to prosecute and bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack.

In unusually blunt comments in a nationally-televised interview, Prince Mohammed ruled out any dialogue with Iran and pledged to protect his conservative kingdom from what he called Tehran's efforts to dominate the Muslim world.

  • Leroy Wright