In South Africa, farmers get bail in racially sensitive case

Back in town, a group of township residents were seen trying to approach a convoy of bakkies driven by white farmers, alleging they had pointed guns at them earlier before driving off.

A house was torched following the bail hearing.

"If the accused in the murder trail are found guilty they must face the consequences of their actions".

Businesses were looted last month and four houses, three trucks and a tractor were burnt in protests sparked by the boy's death.

Tensions are running high in Coligny in the North West.

Two local farmers, Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte, have since been arrested in connection with Mosweu's death.

Police fired rubber bullets.

Residents say Moshoeu was thrown out of a moving vehicle after being caught stealing sunflowers but Dooreward and Scutte have disputed this.

Police Minister Fikile Mbabula has said in a tweet that South African Police Service is monitoring the situation at Coligny and that he condemns the attack on the people and the media.

Protesting community members say the justice system has proven unfair and are angry that bail was granted to the two accused. They took to the street and within minutes a farm house was on fire, two more house were set alight and road blocked.

Buys said Solidarity Movement was prepared to help resolve the crisis and would be pleased to have talks with the premier Mahumapelo on the process of restoring peace in Coligny. The area's neighbourhood watch organisations are well-organised and are ready to assist the SAPS where necessary.

The SA National Editors' Forum condemned the incident.

The two accused were released on 5,000 rand bail ($369, 337 euros) and their case will resume on June 26.

  • Leroy Wright