Border tension reduces as Pakistan-Afghanistan call ceasefire

Maj. Gen. Nadeem Ahmad told reporters on Sunday at the Chaman border crossing that two of his soldiers were also killed and another nine were wounded.

Pakistan dispatched truckloads of relief supplies Saturday to villages along the southwest border with Afghanistan, where 11 people were killed in fighting between the two countries prompting Pakistan to close a border crossing, officials said.

During the talk, Pakistan DGMO General Sahir Shamshad Mirza reminded Afghan DGMO that the border line ran through the villages, dividing them between the two countries, and Pakistani security forces and civilians were well within their own territory.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to conduct a geological survey on Monday at the Chaman border in order to determine the correct territorial boundaries on both sides.

"A very false claims by a Pakistani Frontier Corps that as many as 50 Afghan soldiers lost their lives in Pak retaliation; totally rejected", tweeted Sediq Sediqqi, a government spokesman.

In turn, the Pakistani military said Afghanistan border guards were creating "hurdles" for census-taking "despite the fact that Afghan authorities had been informed well in advance" of the process.

Omar Zakhilwa, Afghan president's special envoy and ambassador to Pakistan, said the toll from the incident was two soldiers dead and seven others injured.

Hundreds of trucks and other vehicles carrying Afghan transit trade goods and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation supplies were stuck on both sides of the border as the crossing points at the Friendship Gate and other places were closed.

He said the situation is calm but that the border crossing in the area remains closed.

A message to this effect was also conveyed by the foreign office spokesperson at his weekly news briefing on Friday saying Afghans should stop firing otherwise Pakistani troops reserve the right to fully respond to protect its civilians. He said the border was still closed.

Afghan officials said Pakistani troops fired the first shots.

In a separate development, Iraqi officials said Islamic State militants attacked a base near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Sunday, killing two soldiers before US-led forces launched a wave of airstrikes to repel the assault, officials said. The closing caused chaos at the border as many trucks loaded with perishable goods were stopped.There were frequent clashed between the Pakistani Taliban and Pakistani military forces in several districts.

  • Leroy Wright