Anthony Joshua surprises his first boxing coach with a brand new auto

Wladimir Klitschko will not give up his "obsession" with boxing after his WBA and IBF world heavyweight title fight on April 29, his opponent Anthony Joshua told dpa in an interview. One of my cousins will call her after the fight.

However, his mother Yeta won't be among the 90 000 boxing fans at Wembley Stadium or the millions watching on television around the world, not least from her home country of Nigeria.

"Anthony Joshua is a great fighter, I'm taking the best out there to fight to be the best". "I think I take more punishment in the gym than I do in fights".

The two heavyweight giants have only spoken in public three times after the fight was announced in December.

Explaining how Sin City was no longer on his "tick list", Joshua had said: "It's like you have to go to America to get respected: no, not any more".

Klitschko will be making his record-breaking 28th world title fight, compared to Joshua's 19th professional outing but is still the underdog as far as the bookmakers are concerned.


"I'll never forget who has been there when no one was."


He added: "I haven't watched the Fury fight much". I can't box the way Fury boxed and expect it to be as simple as that for me.

"Then second round Tyson started playing around a little bit, giving him a little bit of verbal and Joshua was trying to look for the big punch".

"I'm just anxious about what I can do. How you prepare, how you deal with it, but anything can happen in the fight like injuries or whatever and you have to deal with it and suck it up to keep going to reach your goal". In the heavyweight division you can eliminate skills from anybody, even including myself, I don't need skills.

  • Julie Sanders