ABC Hammers FBI Director Comey, Push that He Swayed Election

In four hours of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Comey delivered his most impassioned defense yet of a decision that many Democrats believe cost them the White House: telling Congress 11 days before the November 8 election that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had uncovered a new trove of Clinton-related emails. And I think that that was a horrendous decision on his part and one that he should and probably does regret.

"Look, this is awful".

Comey said he'd felt "slightly nauseous" to think that he might have tipped the election outcome but in hindsight would change nothing.

"I can't consider for a second whose political futures will be affected and in what way", Comey told the panel.

Wednesday's testimony by Comey came during what was meant to be a routine oversight hearing of the FBI, but was instead dominated by questions relating to investigations surrounding the 2016 campaign. She blamed her loss on Comey's disclosure, Russian hacking of Democratic Party emails and her own flaws as a candidate. He said Russian Federation represents "the greatest threat of any nation on Earth, given their intention and capability".

Axelrod, who served as an adviser to former President Obama, argued that while she "has a legitimate beef" when it comes to Comey's letter being sent just days before the election, Clinton is still responsible for her failed campaign.

"West Virginians feel like the returning Vietnam veteran that nobody appreciated what they did for their country even though they did what they were asked to do and did their duty", Manchin said. He is the second in command at the Justice Department and would oversee the investigation into Russian involvement in the election because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself after previously undisclosed contacts with a Russian ambassador past year were revealed.

Axios and Politico first reported plans for the political action committee.

James Comey on Wednesday defended his decision to announce a new investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails while staying quiet on the Trump-Russia one prior to the 2016 USA elections.

"I said, 'Thank you for raising that".

The former candidate in USA presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton plans to form a new political group, which will Fund organizations opposed to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Comey said being in the middle of - if not creating - a political firestorm has taken a toll.

But Democratic members of the committee saw it much differently.

"I've gotten all kinds of rocks thrown at me, and this has been really hard, but I think I've done the right thing at every turn", he added.

Graham then shifted to Weiner's computer, which the FBI linked to Hillary Clinton in 2016 during its widely publicized classified email investigation. And he said the FBI does not expect to have anything to say about the Russian Federation investigation until that one was over either.

Comey only disclosed that investigation to a House hearing in March and said it had begun last July, during the heat of the campaign.

  • Leroy Wright