RI Congressional Delegation Slams The Passage Of Health Care Bill

Trump: States can dodge granting pre-existing coverage provided they set up high-risk insurance plans for people whose conditions see them priced out by normal insurers.

It also marked a reversal of fortune for the Republican President, who suffered a stunning defeat in late March when House Republican leaders pulled legislation to scrap Obamacare after they and the White House could not resolve the clashing interests of Republican moderates and the party's most conservative lawmakers. "And one of the biggest differences between the Affordable Care Act-Obamacare-and what's now being called Trumpcare or whatever emerges from the Senate, is that the coverage will be less comprehensive if you want it to be less comprehensive". A bill that didn't do the things the White House supposedly demanded of it, such as really cover pre-existing conditions and raise standards and lower costs for everyone.

Ryan and some other House Republicans joined Trump in the Rose Garden for a photo-op to celebrate the bill's passage. President Donald Trump has pressed for this option, which would enable passing bills with a simple majority. This is the most important feature of the bill for the Senate to fix. "Republicans can criticize Obamacare all they want, but the fact is we took tough votes on revenue changes and fees to actually pay for what we proposed".

The House of Representatives, led by Republican Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.), voted Thursday to pass a bill to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. The bill passed by the House would end the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) mandate that most individuals buy insurance, and that larger employers must offer insurance to their employees. "There will be no artificial deadlines in the Senate", Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, said after the House voted Thursday on the American Health Care Act.

Some analysts predict that the Senate will be ready to vote on its bill by summertime, but senators have declined to provide a timeline.

Critics expressed disbelief that the bill was passed without even allowing time for the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to give a cost estimate. Trump praises Australia's universal health care. They accuse Republicans of seeking tax cuts for the rich, partly paid for by cutting health benefits.

Mulvaney said ObamaCare is already failing in some states.

That analysis also predicted that the House bill would cut the federal deficit by $337 billion over those same 10 years.

  • Larry Hoffman