He is demolishing everyone - Tyson excited to see Joshua

Joshua, the 2012 Olympic gold medallist, became subdued as Klitschko, who won the Olympic title in 1996, clawed his way back into the fight until the Briton unloaded a series of combinations to seal victory.

In a rousing display of his toughness and fighting skill, Joshua picked himself off the canvas and hammered Wladimir Klitschko relentlessly in the 11th round, winning by technical knockout in a showing that vanquished the tag of inexperience. "I dig deep. It is what it is, and as I've said, if you don't take part, you'll never know the outcome", Joshua said.

"I don't think he'll box again until again between September and December", he said. "I just want to fight everyone I'm really enjoying this right now". "That's what I'm about".

The veteran Ukrainian beat the count in a bid to prolong the fight, but Joshua was not about to lose his flawless KO record as he unloaded a barrage of heavy artillery that forced referee David Fields to signal the finish.

Joshua climbed off the canvas for the first time in his pro career to stop the former world heavyweight king two minutes and 25 seconds into the 11th round and he immediately set his sights on a showdown with former-world No 1 Tyson Fury.

Joshua weighed in at 250.1 pounds, while Klitschko weighed in at 240.5 pounds.

Joshua felt that he faced the better version of Klitschko in the ring.

After four rounds of feeling each other out, with Klitschko's movement and Joshua's power quite apparent, the crowd were not prepared for an astonishing fifth round. The Fury fight would likely be in England, though a rematch with Klitschko could take place in the U.S.

Klitschko backed up Joshua with his jab in round eight. He had exhausted himself out with the onslaught.

While a cornerman attended to Klitscko's cut above his left eye, the old champion schemed.

LONDON (AP) — Anthony Joshua remained in the ring long after 90,000 of his supporters had filed out of Wembley Stadium, posing happily for pictures with his team and hugging just about everyone he knew.

This was now a test of resolve. "In the end you have to congratulate Joshua".

It helped that his opponent was 41.

And when Joshua had finished nearly taking Klitschko's head off in the 11th round, a heavyweight division moribund for years was suddenly very much alive once again. The reeling champion then went down again after another Joshua onslaught of punishing and creative punches.

Three times did the 27-year-old knockout Klitschko, once in the fifth round and twice more in the crucial 11th.

"Both men were giving their best".

"The best man won tonight, and it's an incredible moment for boxing", Klitschko said after the fight.

"The way he won confirmed it to me", added the promoter, after revealing that the British pay-per-view take up for the fight had been more than the record 1.15 million for the Manny Pacquaio-Floyd Mayweather 2015 "fight of the century".

"Fury, where you at, baby?" he asked.

  • Julie Sanders