U.S. House of Representatives passes bill to fund govt.

Upton and Long both had announced their opposition earlier this week over the pre-existing conditions issue. Upton described the plan to The Associated Press. "Our Republican team had its own victory - under the radar", Trump said, calling the bill "a clear win for the American people".

Coons said he was "thrilled" and "encouraged" by the final outcome of the budget - and said Trump should be pleased as well.

The health care vote was scheduled after the White House and congressional leaders piled pressure on those resisting.

Republicans have also hailed the $1.5 billion in funding for non-wall security efforts along the almost 2,000-mile (3,218-kilometer) border with Mexico.

The White House has said Trump would sign the measure, which is the first major legislation to pass in Trump's short, turbulent presidency.

They're insisting that it represents a win for the administration.

Mulvaney said the Trump administration will use several hundred million dollars of a $1.5 billion border security spending increase approved in the soon-to-be-approved bipartisan budget deal to begin work on the wall.

Mulvaney argued that the bill did include provisions for a border wall, pointing to a picture of a steel wall on a monitor as proof.

The 79-18 vote in the Senate reflected the lopsided win: Every Democrat present voted for the deal, while Republicans were split with 32 in favor and 18 opposed.

President Donald Trump, in a pair of tweets Tuesday, lamented that GOP lawmakers had to compromise with Democrats on a bipartisan spending bill and said a "good shutdown" is needed to fix how government operates.

"I think the rules in Congress, and in particular the rules in the Senate, are unbelievably archaic and slow moving", he said.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, asked if there's any appetite among senators for a government shutdown, said: "None that I've detected".

"I think it's really, really close", he continued.

President Donald Trump is touting the budget deal forged to fund the government through September, declaring: "This is what winning looks like". Fifteen Democrats and 103 Republicans voted against it.

More broadly, Mulvaney indicated his satisfaction with the $1.5 billion increase in funding for border security. "Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!" says the 9.01 AM Tweet.

After a budget deal was hammered out over the weekend avoiding a government shutdown, the White House and Democrats both claimed victory. Conservative activists have decried the agreement as one that does not address their priorities, but the White House has signaled that the president will accept it rather than set off a government shutdown.

"I think we had a strategy and it worked", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told The Washington Post Monday. In his Twitter message, Trump suggested he would be willing to let United States government funding lapse later this year in an effort to pressure Democrats to agree to more of his budget priorities.

"This is a change-agent president, and he's going to change Washington, D.C.", Mulvaney said. Upton is seen as a big voice when it comes to health care, having chaired the House Energy and Commerce Committee from 2010 to 2016.

  • Leroy Wright